Elephant Celebrates First Anniversary!

“Elephant: Short Stories and Flash Fiction” was released as an e-book on April 25th, 2011 and a week later became available in paperback. It’s been a tremendously satisfying year and I’ve been overwhelmed by the personal notes from friends and readers who have been moved by the book. From the launch held at BookPlace, to the multiple book club discussions and writer group presentations, this past year has been a dream come true. I’m hard at work on another collection of short stories. These will be interlinked with more black comedy, not quite as dark as Elephant. Until then, I wanted to celebrate the past year, and thank everyone for their support.

First, the Kindle e-book version is available at the “Anniversary Price of FREE until Sunday, April 29th. Click here.

On Goodreads, we’re giving away two paperback copies. If you are on Goodreads, you can click here to sign up a chance at a copy. If you love books, you want to be on Goodreads anyway!

Finally, paperback copies of “Elephant” can be purchased directly from Oermead Press for the week at $9.99 plus shipping and handling. This is a savings from the Amazon price and your copy can be personalized also if you would like! Click here to learn more.

Thank you so much!


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